Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Backpasses: Naming Rights TBA

Tottenham release computer mock-ups of their new stadium. Something's not quite right [Run of Play]
Speaking of stadiums, Bayern miffed that Allianz Arena gets blown up in new movie [NYT Goal Blog]
Real value versus Man City value [Kornheiser's Cartel]

Stevie G hates his friends [The Sun]
LA Galaxy made bid for Argentine player, probably as a DP. Either would have to trade for another slot, or they think Becks is leaving [Soccernet]
The Argentine Apertura ended in a three-way tie [Guardian]
Jermaine Pennant's dad sentenced for crack dealing [Guardian]

And, finally:
Listicle! Top 20 Footballers of all time. Who can disagree with such a definitive title? [Listverse]

Finally-er: Don't forget to take part in our CL Draw contest. We may mock you, but we won't bite.


Mike Georger said...

No Dalglish = invalid list.

Becks my fat black ass btw.

Mike Georger said...

And Zico is WAY too low.


phil said...

For Georger:

Posh Spice is slapper
She wears a Wonderbra.
And when she's shagging Beckham,
She dreams of Ginola.

Mike Georger said...

And if they're so set on people who were winners, why no Bobby Moore?

Ugh. To have the only Brit be Beckham and leave out any mention of Best, Moore, Liddell, Dixie Dean, Kenny, etc; any of whom should be put above that cock pirating sellout; terrible.


phil said...

Best was no Brit, Georger.

Mike Georger said...

Am I missing something?

Andrew said...

Damnit, Georger. He's Northern Irish.

The island of Great Britain consists of Wales, Scotland, and England.


Mike Georger said...

"British people, people of British ethnicity; originating from Britain; or citizens of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands; or of one of the British overseas territories"

/also Wikipedia

phil said...

You'll have a hell of a time making that argument to an Irishman, even one from Northern Ireland. You walk into a bar in Belfast and proclaim that Georgie Best was British and it won't be a neat scene.

Mike Georger said...

Luckily there isn't a good reason for anyone to ever go to Northern Ireland. Whatever, he was technically British; I don't have time for all those pasty bastards infighting.

POINT REMAINS; if there is going to be someone from either any of those potato eating gin drinking islands, there are a lot better choices than cock knocker extraordinaire.

Mike Georger said...

Also; this would've been a great time for a: "What is your nationality? ... I'm a drunkard."