Thursday, December 18, 2008


So you have played 142 times for Brazil, won two World Cups, making a record 21 appearances at the finals and spent the last 5 years at AC Milan. You have had a glittering career and played for clubs such as Roma and Sao Paulo. Whats your next move? Signing to play for non-league Garforth Town of the Northern Premier League Division One North of course!

It is likely Cafu (38) will sign for the miners and play in April, although rumors are circulating that he will in fact arrive in January. How did this happen you ask? How does lil' old Garforth Town manage to sign legendary right back Cafu?

Garforth Town are owned by a gentleman named Simon Clifford. Mr Clifford has many connections in Brazil after he set up Futebol de Salao in the U.K.

So how far down the leagues is Cafu's new Northern Premier League Division One North team?
A quick glance at the Football Pyramid finds them in the eighth tier of English football.

Other famous Brazilians Mr Clifford has brought to play in the small Yorkshire town of Garforth include Socrates and Careca.



Precious Roy said...

Check your math there... pretty sure that Socrates was Greek.

Man, I'm on fire today.

Andrew said...

It was either Garforth or the MLS, right?