Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Maybe It's Because We Use the F-Word Too Much

Well the results are in. And we lost. Woo hoo!

Oh wait, losing is bad, isn't it?

It appears that, despite our parents telling us otherwise, we are not actually the Best Soccer Blog. US Soccer announced the winners of its 2008 Best of... and we ain't on it. The sadness is almost palpable.

U.S. Soccer has announced the first four winners of the 2008 Best of U.S. Soccer Awards following nearly three weeks of fan voting online at ussoccer.com. Fans can view a special episode of Studio 90 on ussoccer.com, where the winners for Best Soccer Specialty Store, Best Soccer Bar, Best Soccer Blog and Best Fan Photo are revealed. Studio 90 will be back throughout the week, as eight more winners are set to be unveiled.

If that Studio 90 is anything like a special episode of "Facts of Life" I'm not sure I could in good conscious recommend you watch that. Really, I'm never going to be able to scrub that image of Natalie having sex from my cerebellum.

As far as we're concerned, the only result that matters is for Best Soccer Blog. And that fucking honor goes to Soccer By Ives. So congratulations Ives. If we've learned anything, it's that we'll have to redouble our ballot-stuffing efforts next year. Either that or be better.

To our readers who voted for us, well, we can't thank you enough. It tickles us to no end that you click over to our site on a daily basis or thereabouts. And it tickles us even more that Mike Georger feels compelled to comment on every thread. Here's to hoping that more of you join him.


Mike Georger said...

I don't think you understand how boring my life is. (Andrew probably does).

The irony is that you will all be spared my bullshit during this site's biggest match-up of the season thus far; as I will be back home for the holidays for the next three weeks and will be firmly entrenched on a bar stool for the game Sunday morning.

And congrats to Ives, he does good work.

Bigus Dickus said...

U.S Soccer..Hahahahaha.

Precious Roy said...

"Spared"?... Bring a laptop to your local at home.

And next year, we're going to offer cupcakes for votes.

MoonshineMike said...

Has to be cupcakes, the editor has already said he's too cheap to bribe with alcohol.

phil said...

If "cupcakes" is code for "Jameson," you will have my undying support.

The NY Kid said...

I assumed "cupcakes" was code for "bewbs"

Mike Georger said...

My nerd-dom runs deep but I will not take the last step of bringing a laptop to a bar.... plus I've tried and they don't get wireless.

Rest assured when I return home after the Steelers game which immediately follows (bad day for my liver), I'll be here either taunting people or calling for Rafa's head yet again.

Lingering Bursitis said...

We can do cupcakes that look like bewbs.

Jameson shots to those I ever get to meet.

Sarah said...

Don't think I'd be into the bewb cupcakes, but I'd take a Jameson shot or two.

Mike Georger said...

Aren't cupcakes already shaped like sweater monkeys? All it takes is a central concentration of sprinkles on top of the frosting and bam.

I should've been an erotic baker.

The NY Kid said...

sadly, Georger instead became an exotic dancer

Mike Georger said...

Rack the Vote

Nathaniel said...

dammit, i voted every day since it was announced.

who is this burl ives character anyway?

Bigus Dickus said...

Oh Nathaniel. Did you think they would let us win? Evil, foul language using hounds that we are.

Adam said...

"My nerd-dom runs deep but I will not take the last step of bringing a laptop to a bar.... plus I've tried and they don't get wireless."

haha nice. I've got myself an iphone, so I can look really really cool while at the bar, but I'm posting comments on a blog.

Andrew said...

Too bad fellas, I voted early and often. Mayor Daley would've been proud.

Georger, I feel your boredom.

Oh, how about Rafa not being in training for the next few days. I see this as only a positive if I were a Liverpool supporter.

Mike Georger said...

I actually hope he can't make it Sunday. For one, I wouldn't be rushing back to anything after a kidney stone operation. Two, it would be cool to see Sammy calling the shots (hugely underrated presence this season). Three, there could be a 'win it for Rafa' mentality amongst the players.

Granted, considering Damien Plessis shut down Arsenal at the Emirates last year in a meaningless game for Liverpool; I'm not too sure they need any motivation to get at least a point.

Andrew said...

"We it for Rafa."

The phrases drenches you in inspiration.

Arsenal players will be trying to win it for cancer patients.

Cancer > Rafa

Or, rather, Cancer = Rafa, depending on your support.

Mike Georger said...

Been drinking Andrew?

Andrew said...



/firm Christmas party.