Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Red Devils love Red Bull (& Vodka).

NOT UF's xmas party (which will be late this year)

Christmas is always a weird time in the workplace, mainly because of the holiday parties. Your brain fills with quandaries (or not, if you're like us): how drunk can I get? What can I say that's not inappropriate? Will anyone notice if I bed a co-worker? Plus, they don't always end in kisses under the mistletoe.

While it's true that not as many companies have been holding them this year thanks to the Economic Meltdownalypsecaust, you can always count on Manchester United to furnish the tired, aching paparazzi with a few good photos.

Last year's party theme appeared to be "Rape", while this year they went for "Looking Brain Dead for the Camera." A wise late substitution.

Even Ade and Willie Gauloises turned out for the fun! The top 3 drunk faces after the jump.

#1: Carlos Tevez.
It was his battle to lose, but there's a glimmer of sadness hidden in his barely-open eyes. Perhaps it's a nod to his permanent place on the bench.

#2: Paul Scholes.
An excellent effort from the tiny ginger midfielder. Newly blind and still managing to look put together. Impressive.

#3: Emmanuel Adebayor.
Proof that something Arsenal-related will finish higher than 4th this season. Ade's perplexed, goofy stupor goes a long way to explaining how wasteful he's become in front of goal. His mind is clearly focused elsewhere, like fraternizing with Fergie and wondering how Robin van Persie has become the biggest scoring threat at his club.


Andrew said...


Mike Georger said...

An Arsenal player went to the United xmas party? I would be furious about this if I were an Arsenal fan. Annnnd I think we all know I don't exactly get furious easily!

Andrew said...

It's Ade. I can't get furious at a man wanting to get loose. I'm furious as he's only scored 7 times this season. He should've scored at least 8 times.