Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who is next for the chop?

She was born ready to chop

Now that Ince is gone, the 6th EPL manager to taste unemployment this season (whatever that means... perhaps unemployment tastes like cigarettes and discontent?), the shortlist for soon-to-be-under-fire managers is almost non-existent. However, there's still plenty of time for screw-ups and calamity, so who might be the next to get culled in the EPL?

Mark Hughes
With all the money and star power, Sparky's marshalled Citeh to 17th place thus far. Despite impressive wins over Arsenal and, well, just Arsenal, they're hovering above relegation on goal difference alone. Come January, you'd have to think he's marching, only to be replaced with someone fitter, sexier, and more intelligent.

Joe Kinnear
Is he a viable long-term option at St. James's Park? Common sense would say "no" very loudly. His fiery, expletive-laden ways are getting him through the season, but surely he's off in the summer, along with Michael Owen and his new, cheaper wage structure.

Tony Adams
2 wins in Pompey's last 10 EPL fixtures isn't very good. They might still be in the Top 10, but that's because ineptitude currently has the bulk of the league frozen and palsied. Being the best of the worst isn't good on the resume.

Gary Megson
Please Lord, end his ginger ways at the Reebok, as then Stupid F*cking Bolton might actually drop to the Colaship once and for all. HATE.

Tony Mowbray
Being in charge of the league's worst team is never something to be proud of, but I'd imagine they'll still keep him to helm the ship as they softly land atop the Colaship with that wonderful golden parachute.

Anyone I'm missing? Thoughts?


The NY Kid said...

Georger wants Rafa on the list.

Keith said...

Toby Flenderson might be the only thing SFB's got going for it.

Andrew said...

Citeh is looking at Mangino?

phil said...

Citeh is looking at Mangino; Arsene is looking at Baby Mangino.