Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: America, F*** Yeah!

What's wrong with college soccer? [SoccerLens]
Another problem with college soccer--how their seniors are treated by MLS [Soccer America]
Hot Arsenal ladies action [Metro]

FIFA to allow Team GB for Olympics. Why doesn't BBC capitalize FIFA? [BBC]
A banner year for Americans abroad? 2007 maybe [Yahoo!]
Away Milan fans storm TV station to demand entry into game [101 Great Goals]

And, finally:
US fans among most fanatical in the world. This is what happens when you use faulty surveys [Soccer 365]

Once again, don't forget about our CL Draw contest


Mike Georger said...

Well there certainly isn't anything wrong with that kickass logo. What is that, Times New Roman? Visionary graphic design at its finest.

Precious Roy said...

Mo way. there's a serif on that bitch.

ü75 said...

It's from here

Andrew said...

Who conducted that survey? Fox News/Dynamic Opinion?

And yeah, it's 2:58am.

ü75 said...

Actually, it was a voluntary web survey. Which means it has the accuracy of any web survey (I'm looking at you US Soccer and your 3rd place WNT blog).