Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Backpasses: That's a punchin'

Now, for real.

From the tipline: FA Disciplinary committee calls Man U a bunch of big, fat liars [Telegraph]
Liverpool's boring Christmas party. WTF is Gerrard wearing? [The Sun]
SBI's first mock MLS draft. Guy from Jackass goes in the 15th slot [Soccer by Ives]

RESPECT campaign moves north of the border. Will work just as well [BBC]
Wigan get some money back from the thieving police [BBC]
Things that will not happen. Number 1: this [Soccerent]
Bosses of Medellin club in arrest shocker. Okay, not really a shocker, but it's hard to convey that you expect such an arrest to happen in snappy headline form. "arrest no-brainer"? "arrest expecteder?" I don't know [Google]

And, finally:
Don't mess with girls who play high school soccer in New York. They'll punch you [Record Online]


Mike Georger said...

"WTF is Gerrard wearing?"

Whatever the fuck he wants. Cross him once again and you'll end up on the business end of a Bentley.

He strikes me as the kind of guy that wears a David Puddy man-fur. Not because he thinks it looks good, just because its expensive. And I for one salute him for it.

I'm going to post up at the bar for the Hammers/Browns game tomorrow; for some reason I've got a feeling its a seven goal affair.

Venha Futuro said...

Mad props for the Big Fat Liar photo.

ü75 said...

Thanks. Of only I had photoshopped SAF's head on there. Maybe next time.