Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kaka story was complete caca

Alright, so we were wrong about Kaka. No deal is close to being finalized, but the Guardian is normally good for this sort of thing so we thought it must be happening!

However, as a blog, I feel comfortable behind the veil of hyperbole and anonymity, since we're not winning a Pulitzer anytime soon.

If anything, the potential deal that would send the mercurial Brazilian to Stamford Bridge has become more absurd since Friday's revelation. Rumours abound that the Blues are offering well over 150 million Euros now, and they're not the sort of club to be taken lightly. Abramovich has shown in the past that he'll spend however much it takes to acquire the toys he covets most, as was shown when they smashed transfer records to get hold of Andrei Shevchenko.

Roman has two things going for him, in an age when owners are getting increasingly skittish about transfer prices: he's got the cash, and he's got the moxie to keep bidding higher and higher until the other team has no alternative but to sell. Rafa Benitez is struggling with his overlords in trying to get the money for Gareth fucking Barry, and Arsenal are selling everyone in sight.

Such a transfer would not bode well for the league, and I'm not talking about their EPL title chances. Moreso, it's just another nail in the coffin for football in general. The chasm between the newly-promoted and the old guard is wider than ever, and there's simply no way for the Hull Cities and West Broms of the world to compete with a 100 million Euro signing, no matter how many bit players they lure across from other teams' reserve XIs.

Yes yes yes, I realize I'm lamenting like the old man afraid of change, but even so: is anyone worth 100 million Euros? That's some crazy money!

After the jump, a video that shows Kaka's genius on the pitch, along with some delightful non-sequitur videos that have the word "money" in them.


Mike Georger said...

id kill any of you guys to have roman own liverpool. if that can be arranged, and someone is willing to take one for the team, let me know.

The NY Kid said...

Kill the new guy - he's a Chelsea fan, so it would be very fitting.

Oh, and LB said poop.

Mike Georger said...

wow i just found out dean windass plays for hull. one of the best player names of all time, this season is going to be incredible.

The Fan's Attic said...

well, apparently my comment didn't take.

i find it amazing Chelsea and Milan met to talk about Kaka and ... wait for it ... Shevchenko. Both declined to sell. Why wouldn't you sell Sheva? Create some goodwill with Milan to replace Kaka, etc.

Andrew said...

I'm tired of this shit.

Spectator said...

Hey to my credit I couched the transfer news with "...assuming the deal really does go through." That's top-notch fucking journalism right there!!!

Keith said...

LB, this post pisses the shit out of me.


Lingering Bursitis said...

Sorry Keith, next time I'll just post naked pictures of your loved ones and pass that off as blogging, because we all know that's what the blogosphere does!

Oh, and we call each other douchebag a lot.

Paging Costas..

Keith said...

only if we can tape the "make-up" segment wearing team scarves and holding pies(or maybe even prawn sandwiches!).

Keith said...

LB- Your Gareth Barry update- played 60 minutes in a friendly at Walsall which saw only Marlon Harewood and Shaun Maloney of those Villans that had started any game last year start; Harewood got the armband; and the visiting contingent of 2200 Villa supporters booing him quite loudly.