Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: one last, salivating look at the Euros

More ladies of the Euros. Everyone is clothed, but your boss still won't like it [Fun Grabber]
Five worst shirt designs of the upcoming EPL season. That Liverpool away shirt looks like Umbro's worst idea of 1986 [EPL Talk]
Is Michael Ballack the biggest loser ever? [Guardian]

See you on the other side

Aston Villa doubles up on American 'keepers [American Soccer Reader]
Sepp Blatter speaks. This time on clubs attempting to keep Olympians from Olympics [The Original Winger]
Gary Lineker bags himself a serial WAG [Daily Mail]

And, finally:
There's match fixing going on in Namibia's Second Divison. Namibia has two divisions? [The Namibian]


jjf3 said...

RE Lineker:

At my age, if I can "bag a serial WAG' that looks like that, I'm doing it, and I'm enjoying the trip to buy sandals much more enthusiastically (not honestly, mind you, but, hey, I can look happy - I've been married, its part of the job description...)...

At his age, I'm gladly forking the money over...

Andrew said...

Friedel will now have to adapt his faux-British accent to Brummie. That should be fun.

Mike Georger said...

considering the options for liverpool away kits recently have either been 1) yellow 2) gold 3) hangover piss orange/yellow and 4) white, the gray is a breath of fresh air

and theyve had several green kits before, personally i think its much better than the black one. but the white with green trim from two years ago was the best of recent history.

that being said, they should have gone green and white quadrants

Lingering Bursitis said...

Georger: I think there's some bias in that list, but really, our away shirts are pretty dreadful