Thursday, July 24, 2008

FA Cup of British Rock - Quarterfinals - Match #2

These are the ground rules: 16 8 teams, each represented by a musician or band who happens to be a supporter. You, our fair reader, vote on who advances. Use whatever criteria you wish: favorite team, favorite band, prettiest uniforms (looking at you Elton), etc. Ballot stuffing is not encouraged, but will be tolerated, because we’re just as corrupt as the real FA. Voting closes this Sunday, July 27.

I promise no last-minute substitutions this time around. Today it's two inductees into the Rock n' Roll hall of Fame who had a fairly easy go of it in the Round of 16. These are two stalwarts of British Rock who kept some very, very good company....

Elton John reppin' Watford, here performing "Bohemian Rhapsody" with Queen and a pre-bloat-yet-still-ridiculous Axl Rose (funny how they didn't even attempt to perform the middle bit)

- versus -

West Brom supporter Eric Clapton, here seen playing "Yer Blues" with John Lennon, Keef Richard and Mitch Mitchell during the Rolling Stones' famous 1968 Rock & Roll Circus special (you can go ahead and ignore Mick Jagger preening at the beginning... also ignore Yoko Ono dancing around like a crazy person under a black cape...)

Seriously, I know it's passe to click on youtube videos but you should watch both of the ones above.

First, there's Elton John -- who is of course honorary chairman for life of Watford FC -- on stage in front of a bazillion people at Wemberley with Axl Rose, who is wearing some sort of kilt and white belt outfit. Sir Elton remains one of the few people in this competition who was genuinely involved in his football club. Check out this comment from a Watford fan site:

I also read on a QPR messageboard of a QPR fan that met him backstage in NYC and was surprised when, having revealed his allegiance, Elton commented on their result that day. A couple of years ago, I got into a taxi in Washington DC and the driver started talking about football and recognised Watford as being Elton's club. So, while Elton, like myself, may not have spent much time at Vicarage Road in the past few years, his involvement has ensured that Watford are talked of outside South-West Hertfordshire.

And then there's Eric Clapton, who may not follow West Brom as much as he once did, but in that video he's the standout musician next to two giants of British rock, John Lennon and Keith Richards. Slowhand pretty much steals the show, just as he would go on to steal Patty Boyd from George Harrison (see "Layla"). Plus, according to a concert review:

[Eric Clapton] also knows something about addiction's little brother, obsession. He has been so obsessed with the West Bromwich Albion football team he used to sign hotel registers as "W.B. Albion."

So, which one of these musicians who have stood the test of time deserve to move on the FA Cup of British Rock Semifinals? Only you can decide!

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The NY Kid said...

Will Clapton be at West Brom's first game to watch them get spanked by the Gunners?