Friday, July 25, 2008

FA Cup of British Rock - Quarterfinals - Match #4

These are the ground rules: 16 8 teams, each represented by a musician or band who happens to be a supporter. You, our fair reader, vote on who advances. Use whatever criteria you wish: favorite team, favorite band, prettiest uniforms (looking at you Elton), etc. Ballot stuffing is not encouraged, but will be tolerated, because we’re just as corrupt as the real FA. Voting closes this Sunday, July 27.

Some of you might think that the FA Cup of British Rock turned into the NBA Playoffs, creaking along interminably. No, no, no this is all wrong! We are continuing stronger than ever with the fourth and final Quarterfinal match-up. And you know what makes the Internets go into a tizzy? Expletives!! Fuck yeah, we will use any gimmicks it takes to get you to vote! [Slightly NSFW edition coming up after the jump... although your boss would probably be more angry about you wasting time on a blog than wasting time on a blog with bad words... and besides, your boss probably uses these words all the time himself.]

Super Furry Animals, who "Don't Give a Fuck About Anybody Else" but Cardiff City!

- versus -

Lifelong Arsenal supporter John Lydon, whose Sex Pistols will not to be outdone and are willing to say rude words on the telly!

Fucking-a, I don't have much else to say. I love the shit out of both these bands, I love Arsenal, I even love Cardiff City because they are Welsh yet play in the Premier League. Plus, the two teams have Aaron Ramsey in common. So, this is going to be a tough motherfucking matchup, heading to penalties no doubt. John Lydon's pissy attitude versus the Super Furry Animals' Power Ranger mask outfit (kind of hard to explain, but trust me). I already told you about the Cuny Cup. I also linked to that interview that Lydon did where he explains his love of Arsenal. Nothing left to do but to turn the voting over to you, our fair reader:

Hey, and don't forget to vote in the rest of the exciting Quarterfinal matches! You have until Sunday, and then next week we'll hold the Semis and Final match! Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Tits!

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The NY Kid said...

Fuck Cardiff City! Cock!