Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Footballing Fate of Samir Nasri

With Arsenal's signing of Samir Nasri recently completed, Gunner fans have wondered how he will fare in the EPL after plying his trade in Le Championnat.

Are any other Arsenal fans concerned that he

looks like Ronaldo in this picture?

Sure, he has the talent to have played (although somewhat sparingly) for both l'OM and Les Bleus. But how will he respond to the WAG-centric world of the EPL?

For those who are unaware (and this is probably most of you), Nasri's WAG is Tatiana Golovin, a French tennis star from a Russian family. She is most famous for this moment:

Red knickers at Wimbledon! Scandalous!

Unfortunately for Samir, his WAG has been spotted out and about with another famous Frenchman - Joakim Noah (better known in France as the son of Yannick Noah). While Nasri and Golovin were a confirmed item only on May 3 (apologies for the link in French, but the comments on that article are hilarious - my favorite is comment #3 who is stunned at the coupling since he feels that Nasri's face looks like an ass), she was then seen kissing Noah in Paris in the June issue of Cover magazine. Then, just days later, she was at Euro 2008 cheering on Les Bleus. That little harlot!

Obviously this situation needs to be resolved before Samir steps onto the pitch at the Emirates. It is virtually impossible to concentrate on football whilst your WAG is out and about with ugly quasi-famous countrymen of yours. Just ask Ronaldo.


Goat said...

I think Nasri might be a disappointment. He can't even keep his girlfriend from hooking up with one of the ugliest athletes of all time (behind Ron Karkovice and Otis Nixon).

The Fan's Attic said...

don't forget manute bol.

chipped red nail polish said...

It's certainly an education in French netspeak. Now I also know how to denigrate a woman's looks feature by feature!

Braces should help, on and off the pitch.

Sarah said...

I fucking hate Joakim Noah. And the Gators. It's a good thing I don't like NBA basketball, otherwise I'd be really mad that he now plays for the Bulls.