Monday, July 21, 2008

Definitely Not A Yellow

There are two things about the phenomenon of "streaking" that bother me. First, is calling somebody a streaker when they still have clothes on. Second, men streaking. Although, if the second is true, I prefer the first to be true as well. That way...well, you know.

The video after the jump has both of these things. Why, then, am I showing you this? Because it's funny.

The Sun reports Spartak Moscow defender Radoslav Kovac, a Czech Republic international, took out one of these so-called streakers this weekend. It was actually a nice takedown without the use of hands. How typically soccer! Kovac managed with a delicate stab of his right foot to just clip the "streaker's" heel and send him sprawling. A professional foul, if I might say so myself.

But, apparently tripping a trespasser on the field is a bookable offense, as Kovac was awarded a yellow for his vigilantism.

Maybe the ref was drunk.


ΓΌ75 said...

That should have been a straight red. He made no attempt to play the ball, came from behind, and went for the knee.

Andrew said...

[Insert Yakov Smirnoff joke here]

The NY Kid said...

We need a Russian translator to find out what the card was for. Where's Autoglass?


Eladio said...

I like the fact that security/police didn't show up until about 70 seconds after he began running on the field.

Mark said...

The announcer doesn't really tell you what the card is for, he just tells you that Kovac is lucky to not get a red

Dustin said...

The Ref was enforcing the Laws of the Game. Technically FIFA wants you to red card a player who does something like this. Getting mad at the ref for doing his job something he's required to do is retarded. You post movies and then make inane comments about them, it's your job so I'm not going to get mad at you for it.

Goat said...

Dustin--are we correct to assume that the ref is your dad?

The Fan's Attic said...


Show me the rule where it says FIFA has a hard-and-fast rule awarding red cards to players for tackling an unauthorized person on the field of play. Yes, the referee has authority once he steps on the pitch, but I don't think the rules really address this sort of situation. So, if you can show me where, I would appreciate it.

I truly think the ref was off his rocker for carding the player, particularly in light of events like Monica Seles' stabbing, the umpires attacked in Chicago, etc.