Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Luca Toni Is Just The Endorser You Want

Sometimes companies choose the right endorser for a product and sometimes they don't. Italian shoe company Lotto was one of the ones who made a very bad decision.
In April 2008, Lotto had Luca Toni endorse a new shoe to be used by Toni in Euro 2008--the Twist 'n Go. Regardless of the merits of a soccer boot with one stud that rotates, Luca Toni did not turn out to be the ideal endorser. Toni and Italia had a tournament to forget. He had 16 shots but no goals (one was called back), played 403 minutes in 4 games and was obviously highly ineffectual.


Mike Georger said...

i dont know what the hell youre talking about, that was the greatest italy squad ever assembled. STILL WORLD CHAMPS

/cant remember who wrote their eulogy

Mike Georger said...

also, that shirt in the ad looks like a fiorentina training shirt or something, couldnt they get him out of the purple at least? eyeties, i tell ya