Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Backpasses: Hello, Poland

Need proof the NY Times is run by commies? They interviewed Rafa Marquez [NY Times]
More ex-footballers comment on the youth of today. This time: Maradona on Messi [Goal]
Quick interview with Adu at his Monaco signing [Goal]

(jump already)

Thierry Henry on divorce troubles [The Sun]
Barcelona unveil new tartan [Daily Mail]
Michael Owen has the mumps [Guardian]
Scottish club goes to parliament to get reinstated in youth league [The Press and Journal]

And, finally:
Najśmieszniejszy kibic Chelsea [Z czuba]


Mike Georger said...

anyone else get the feeling that the new barca leadership is batshit crazy?

also, mumps? who the hell gets the mumps? if his face gets eaten off by locusts im pretty sure we can confirm god is still angry for him 'leaving to win trophies'. fuckface

Precious Roy said...

Maradonna can do all the blow he wants, but he has no grounds on which to advise anyone on growing up or whatever when he is sporting a mullet.