Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Will Ferrell: Gentleman, Comedian, Chelsea-ite

Whilst celebrity sports fandom is no new thing, as soccer in America continues to garner more exposure, Hollywood is now falling in line with the rest of the world... Take for instance, Drew Carey having gone ga-ga for the Galaxy (and fucking Landycakes).

Now, so often Hollywood stars do overseas press to pimp their latest productions and show up a match, treating us to an odd pairing like Sly Stallone at Everton last year. (Funny, because nobody would willingly pay good money to see either one of them)

But, on last night's Daily Show, I was blind-sided by a demonstration of celebrity 'fandom' I did not see coming...

Will Ferrell is a Chelsea fan.

[Ed. Note: credit to the incomparable Chaim Witz of TMS for the screen grab]

Witness the footage in full:

And, there's even more evidence... Skip to 55 seconds in... and I'm willing to bet that's the same fucking shirt. (and boo to ArtisanNewsService for disabling the embed function)

At first glance, it could be that the funnyman could just be sporting a jersey because he lost a bet or spilled something on his shirt backstage, but the fact that it was an out-of-date kit (2003-ish I believe... old sponsor & before their badge redesign) suggests otherwise.

It suggests Will Ferrell might be douchier than I'd ever suspected. Or best case scenario, a bandwagoneer.

As it turns out, the man who brought us Neil Diamond 'Storytellers' (crocking Frank Lampard might give me an erection) is on THE LIST.

That's right... Chelsea's official website maintains a list of its 'Celebrity Fans'. Much like John Terry's reverse-sideburn haircut -- incredibly laaaaaame.

Other head-scratchers (or jock-sniffers) to make The List are:

- Tara Reid
(likely only because of this)

- Bryan Adams
(who was at my local WalMart today... shockingly, not as an employee)

- Owen Wilson
(a real fan would have saved the suicide attempt until after the Moscow final)

- Bill Clinton
(come to think of it, Monica's stained dress was a familiar shade of blue)

Since there exists a Chelsea fan-board called 'The Shed', one might now wonder if the 'GET OFF THE DAMN SHED' skit was actually a veiled reference.

Will, how you've disappointed me. Then again, maybe you can rehash the slacker athlete characters we've seen in 'Talladega Nights' and 'Semi-Pro' (and when I say "we've seen", I'm assuming somebody saw 'Semi-Pro') for a soccer-related movie.

Oh, that's right. I'd forgotten about the abortion that was 'Kicking and Screaming'.

[Ed. Note: it's not the first time for Ferrell, not even recently! I wonder if his press junket coordinator is a Gooner, else I'm all out of explanations. Credit to ABC News Now for the pic]


The NY Kid said...

Kardashian, Paris, and Tara Reid? How could Chelsea play with all the STDs they had to have contracted at that party?

Mike Georger said...

liverpool run their 'celebrity kop club' or whatever the hell they call it articles every month. and they dont have anyone as good as ferrell. i think they have tony blair's son and mike myers. wooooo

but ferrell went to USC, cant expect him to be a good sports fan

The Fan's Attic said...

Drew Carey is a part owner of the Seattle MLS expansion club. I don't know if he is ga-ga for the Galaxy. And, in his defense, he really seems to enjoy soccer. He did that show on the travel channel for the world cup and is at least knowledgeable about the game.

Anonymous said...

Drew Carey may have changed his stripes, but for a stretch there, all he could do is gush about the Galaxy.

Autoglass said...

I always recognized in Mr. Farrell a gentleman, a scholar, and a man of refined tastes. He also Fucking Hates Arsenal.

Bigus Dickus said...

He is no Delia Smith that's for sure. We also have Stephen Fry, Sophie Ellis-Bexter, The Darkness, 3 Mp's and that Mylene Klass broad from that teenie band...

ΓΌ75 said...

With this blog, I may be the biggest celebrity Aberdeen fan.

strong like bull smart like tractor said...

Thanks for showing your support on national television, Will, but I'm thinking you should spring for the XXL on your next jersey.

Keith said...

Any team that can count this:

among output by their supporters is A-OK with me, Bigus.

Andrew said...

An overrated comedian wearing the jersey of an overrated club . . . yeah, figures.