Friday, July 25, 2008

What would you do to play in League Two?

While some of us always feel like we're the last man picked in the busty pitches across this land, there was one enterprising fellow who decided not only wanted a job on a club team so badly, he decided to take it to another level. Not impressing with his first attempt to make the team, he recruited his girlfriend to help getting a tryout. She raised more than eyebrows.

You know it must be tough in Romania when your players not only want to jump ship to English Football, but will go to such lengths for even League Two. Former Bucharest Player Adrian Patulea wanted out badly. When his first attempt at catching the eye of the Lincoln City manager Peter Jackson didn't work, he realized he needed to make himself noticed. So he took his girlfriend, strapped her to his back naked and ran around the pitch, attracting the attention of the groundskeepers, before getting another chance with Jackson. Patulea did well - knocking back a hat trick in exhibition - that Jackson is keen to try to sign him. We're wondering if they like his foot, or they want to see more of the girlfriend. There is no explanation of how she was carried - piggyback, on his shoulders, fireman carry, or the infamous Estonia Wife-Carrying method.

I'm not sure my spouse would go for me strapping her to my back, let alone naked, for a job interview. But how far would one's spouse go?


Spectator said...

Is that Dennis Rodman? He spoke at my high school in 11th grade, back when he was only known for having crazy shit carved into his hair.

The Fan's Attic said...

This gives new meaning to the phrase "The Two Backed Monster."

MoonshineMike said...

That is rodman. I was trying to find the best photo from the wife-carrying championship, and then I ended up with that one.

The NY Kid said...

How does Peter Jackson have the time to manage a League Two side while filming "The Hobbit"?