Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maybe We Should Rethink This Abstinence Only Education Policy

Sub-Saharan Africa has an AIDS problem. A really big problem. An estimated 24.5 million people are infected with HIV with approximately 20% of South African adults aged 18 to 49 infected. But, no worries, the US is helping out the problem by promoting abstinence only programs. Which is a god-send to those impoverished soccer players in South Africa because all those condoms that could be wasted on the sexually active South African can now serve a higher purpose...

holding up aspiring soccer stars socks.

As part of their pre-match kitting up, some Cape Town soccer players are slipping on condoms on their feet, so that their socks can stay up longer during matches.

These creative sportsmen have discovered an innovative way of using condoms to secure and keep up their football socks, in the absence of expensive soccer socks, elastic or rubber bands.

Condoms strewn on sportsfields in informal settlements have, of late, become a common sight.

What can you say, when you want ribbed socks, you want ribbed socks.

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