Tuesday, February 17, 2009

But Doesn't Milan Touch Us All?

Sure that's a dynamite headline—theirs not ours—but of relevance here is the story below.

If you can't see it, it reads: "After days of indiscretions and refutation, it seems that David Beckham has finally obtained this that it wanted."

That's some top notch reporting. Okay, it's actually run through a translator, but it seems as if the Italian iteration of Goal.com (oh, should probably mention that's a screencap of Goal's website) thinks the L.A.-to-Milan deal is done.

There's a full screenshot available here.

Compare that to the English version of the page found here. In the English language version of the Goal story, Beckham is still in limbo (or in a really bad movie with flying dogs).

Anyway, from these two stories we can conclude one of three things:

A) The Italian story is actually the result of some horrible Babelfish work.

B) Editorial and factual consistency across languages isn't a priority at Goal.com.

C) Beckham is like some sort of footballing Schroedinger Cat, who is in some probabilistic state where he's both in Milan and L.A. and only by observing him, do we force him into one or the other.

This last one might be true if we wait until the Wednesday match and all observe him in Milan colors and force him into the Italian state of being. Although after being declared fit for the UEFA Cup match, Ancelotti has now backed off those comments and said both Becks and Pato are doubtful for the match.

The MLS deadline obviously came and went on Firday. Then Milan declared Garber's deadline a 'tactic' and said they were still sending an entourage to L.A. this Friday (or maybe Thursday) to continue negotiations.

This is getting boring. Worse, it's making us sympathetic towards Beckham. He's not even in a money grab, he just wants to play soccer at a level high enough to give him a chance for South Africa in 2010. And with its $2.19M salary cap, that ain't MLS.


Ibracadabra said...

Somehow I managed to get through 6 years of Spanish (grades 7 to 12) utilizing Babelfish on a weekly basis despite the fact that the translation service can't conjugate.

Clearly, Goal.com reporters do not know how to use the brilliant 1990s era tool correctly.

I miss altavista. As a Los Angeles resident, I will not miss Beckham.

The Fan's Attic said...

ah, babelfish...i remember it fondly from my college german classes.