Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Woman's Touch

It's been a while since women battled so bravely to discard the wooden spoon for a leg on the corporate ladder. Women have rights! They can vote, they can be the boss, they can drive the car, they can run the line, they can speak their cute little minds damn it, so why shouldn't a woman manage a football team? Tonight one will.... But not everyone is happy about it.

Fisher Athletic will take on Eastleigh in the Blue Square South division tonight, and Fisher turnstile operator Donna Powell will manage the first team. That's right... I said Donna (that's a birds name) Powell will manage the first team. 27-year-old Ms. Powell will take the reigns for one night only. Why? Because she raised 500 pounds for the debt-stricken club and her reward is to manage the team!

It's not exactly like my mother taking over, Ms. Powell knows her stuff. She currently manages a boys under-11 side. As she explained:

I am no shrinking violet and do not suffer fools lightly. I'll be picking the team and they'll be playing my way, none of this long ball nonsense - we'll be passing the ball on the floor, playing the game the right way. Sure, I'll be nervous - I realise there's a difference between kids' football and the Conference South but I see it as football is football no matter how old they are - and I know my stuff.

You go girl! Regular boss and hoofball merchant (apparently) Dave Mehmet better watch out, his job could be on the line. Fisher press officer Joe Arif stated:

If Donna can turn things round, then who knows - maybe there's a permanent position in future. It's a great opportunity and Donna knows it, she's already attended a few training sessions and was introduced to the squad a couple of weeks ago.

But not everyone is keen on Donna's new gig. Eastleigh director of football Dave Malone thinks Donna should not be allowed near the mainly manly managerial duties of the footy world, but not because he is sexist:

It devalues the league. I'm not particularly happy about it, simply because we've got to concentrate our minds on getting three points from the game. I think what they've done is unprofessional, Fisher have done it for financial reasons, and I can partly understand that, but I don't think being manager of a Blue Square South team is a saleable commodity.

Lets be honest. She can't do any worse. Fisher have lost their last TEN games and sit one lonely point off the bottom of the table. I will update you on Donna's big game tomorrow.



The Fan's Attic said...

so long as she manages barefoot, i'm ok with it.

jjf3 said...

I have no problem with it, and given their recent record, I hope the team wins under her, and she gets the job full-time...hey, if she can get a bottom-table team to beat their "bogey"-team whose fighting for promotion in her first game, put her in charge - no questions asked...

jjf3 said...

If the BBC texter was right, they only lost 2-1 today. On a 10-game losing streak (repeat, not "winless" streak), playing a team that over their last four meetings had outscored them 13-0, and is at the opposite end of the table. And she even switched formations (if my memory serves, from 3-5-2 to 4-4-2). All this tells me either a) she has talent or b) the current guy doesn't. And c) the "new manager bounce" truly does exist...

ΓΌ75 said...

Where's the damn update, bigus?