Monday, February 16, 2009

It's not all bad news for Spartak London players involved with gorgeous women

What passes for love these days?

Is it those "____ is engaged" or "in a relationship" tags on Facebook? Is it driving 10 hours only to get caught on video sucking a pink dildo by two Scousers? Is it the mighty pre-nuptial agreement? Is is setting a World Record for kissing?

I say no to all these things.

In this day and age, love is turning down a lucrative Playboy offer so as not to ruin good contact with your ex-husband. That's what the delightful Jaciara Dias decided to do, and they might even get back together.

And judging by this picture, Deco, the ex-husband in question, is a very lucky man.

From the Daily Mail, a newspaper whose plan for surviving the economic crash appears to be printing nothing but pictures of hot women in bikinis:

Deco admitted he was shocked by Scolari's sacking last week and explained that he rejected other offers to hook up with his former national team boss in west London. But he may be ready to at least return to Dias's arms following a lengthy split dating back to last March.

She said: 'Playboy offered me a lot of money for me to pose naked. I would say that it was a millionaire proposal. It was a good opportunity, but I didn't accept because I do not want to spoil the good contact that I have with Deco at the moment. I have the opportunity to grow in other ways, to show my value as a model and actress.'
That's lovely! Love is not dead after all!

Deco does have a new girlfriend, or at least did when he signed for Spartak London in the summer, but Dias doesn't care. She still loves the pint-sized midfielder:
"I do not know if they are still together," said Dias. "What I can guarantee is that we have a very good relationship, that all those sorrows and the trauma of separation are left behind. At the beginning everything was very difficult and painful but now... thank God."
Here's hoping it all works out. A new manager at Stamford Bridge who should turn things around, and the chance of love again with his former wife! What more could he ask for?

UF feels like we should offer some advice to Deco, because getting back with exes isn't all fun and games. It helps when they're gorgeous, of course, but the crazy will still be there just under the surface, ready to flare up at any given moment.

Oh, and you'd drive yourself mad thinking about the things she may have been doing while you guys weren't together (including, but not limited to, some dalliances with former teammate and ex-Portugal captain Fernando Couto).

So take it under advisement. In the words of UF's resident love guru MoonshineMike, "it's not all peaches and cream, BUT she is so uber hot so that helps ease the crazy."

To be continued...


Andrew said...

For once I'd like to see a footballer with an ass-ugly wife.

(insert John Terry joke here)

MoonshineMike said...

You just need to look at the wifes of the Norwhich players (hi-ho Bigus!