Thursday, February 19, 2009

Also On Sale Soon: The Hottie World Cup

As we noted earlier, World Cup tickets go on sale tomorrow, which might already be today given the time change and all.

But you can also pick up tickets to The Hottie World Cup. The best part is, they are free. In fact you probably don't even need tickets... unless there are major changes coming to the interweb that we're unaware of.

What is the Hottie World Cup? Well, it's a lot like the real World Cup as it looks like England is headed for an early exit.

Actually, this version of the World Cup is just what it sounds like, we think. It's a tournament where you can vote of the hottness of international teams. They are even ranked and bracketed up.

If we understand the rules correctly, each team's players have been ranked 1 through 5 (at least it looks like only 5) and the #1's will face off against each other, as will the #2's and so on. Whichever team wins the best-of-5 individual match-ups, wins the round and advances (And does it make me gay if I suggest that Italy A v. Spain A looks more like a final than a first round match-up?).

There was probably a better way to explain that.

Jesus, Italy and Spain are fielding B teams. And I still don't like the US's chances. Do girls think Duece is cute? He looks like he's befriended the meth dealers around Fulham.

Anyway, this is exactly what the ancient Greeks had in mind when they came up with voting. So, accordingly, the Greeks were left out of the competition. Well, played, ladies.

Oh irony.

Voting starts the 23rd. Don't think you can vote early but you can check out the teams starting the 20th.

We're guys here at UF, so we're more about the WAGs but if you're going to put up a pic of David Villa saying "Luca Toni? Bitch, please," then we'll gladly pimp your endeavors. Plus we're pretty certain that our frequent commenter and Gunner lover Sarah is at least partially behind this.


amy said...

that is freaking awesome. there is no way that spain is not going to win this.

what is ROW?

JT said...

I believe it's Rest of World, all glombed together in one big United Colours of Benetton-style hotness pile.

amy said...

ah, I see. I think it might be slightly unfair that half the Italy team is posing in their underwear. They should all be posing in their underwear for the sake of equality.

Stephanie said...

Well, the Italy A and Spain A team matchup in the first round wasn't actually planned. We had a random drawing and that is how it went. Most of us are actually pretty annoyed with how it went down, but in the spirit of fairness decided to leave it be.

Also, I hope this works:

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Also, Sarah is partially behind this, she made the video I posted the link to above!

Precious Roy said...

They seed the actual World Cup, don't think anyone would have been upset if you had done the same with the HWC.