Friday, February 20, 2009

That's One Way To Prevent Excessive Celebration

It is not as if we needed more evidence that South American soccer is utterly insane, but it just keeps coming into our mailboxes. Yesterday, in a match between Brasil (not the national team) and Ulbra, a fight broke out ostensibly because Rogerio Pereira of Ulbra scored the final goal in a 5-2 victory and celebrated the goal in front of the Brasil supporters. But, more likely is that these folks are insecure ninnys.

Brasil has already faced tragedy this season when the team bus went off the road killing three players. While not as tragic, this fight was definitely not a positive for the team, or soccer in general. Witness the weak ass fighting the club does with its Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon flying kicks and then running away. Reports suggest that this candyass mentality goes all the way up to the Brasil president who appears in the video giving his own flying kick.

I award no points and may God have mercy on their souls.


The NY Kid said...

Best part of the article:

"Brawls often break out in Brazilian matches when players are offended by goal celebrations or believe that their opponents are trying to humiliate them with fancy tricks."

Andrew said...

Keeper in yellow got pwned around the :14 mark.

Guillermo said...

The keeper in yellow was on the team that won the Libertadores (equivalent to Champions League in America) in 1995.

Andrew - did you team ever won it?


ü75 said...

I can confirm that Elon has never won the Copa Libertadores. Thanks for the lesson on the level of the competition though. You did, however, leave out Toyota as the sponsor (though I guess it wasn't sponsored back in the 90s).