Monday, February 16, 2009

Lamps is missing 12.5 million pounds

Spartak midfielder Frank Lampard might well be looking at a summer of coupon-cutting, with the news this morning that his fiancee, Elen Rives (the bread of this lady-text-lady sandwich), is breaking up with him.

They never married, but she'll probably leave with half his fortune.

This stuff is never pretty, especially as they have two children caught in the middle, but I'm sure they'll sort something out, for their sake if nothing else.

The problems appear to revolve around some cheating on Lamps' part, although as part of the financial deal, she'll likely be signing confidentiality papers, meaning we'll never hear all the sordid details of his infidelities (clearly not a thought that ever occurred to Danielle Lloyd), which is probably a good thing.

And so, the speculation begins. What went wrong?

Friends of Lampard have put the split down to the trauma brought on by the death of his mother Pat in April.

But the seeds of the break-up appear to have been sown when Miss Rives, 30, twice endured allegations of his infidelity. Friends of the model said she has never forgiven him for his alleged fling with an eastern European brunette during a boys-only jaunt to Las Vegas two years ago. Lampard, 30, was pictured with the woman by a tabloid newspaper and is said to have spent four hours with her in a villa.

'Elen felt humiliated by the whole episode,' said a friend. 'Frank has also never given her an adequate explanation for what he was doing, so it has simply festered. 'He has also not followed through on his promise to make her his wife - but it is the Las Vegas trip which has done all the real damage.'

Lampard had been accused of playing away before. In 2006 a woman claimed she had sex with him at a hotel in Barcelona - Miss Rives's home city.
Stay classy, Frank. Apparently, thanks to Mrs. Jay-Z, you should have put a ring on it if you liked it.

However, Elen is no angel either:
The footballer, meanwhile, is said to have been enraged to discover in a Sunday newspaper that his fiancée had been married before. A friend of Lampard said: 'There was Elen going on to Frank about the importance of being honest with one another when she had been married and never told him.'
(I'm betting the friend is EBJT)

And so, another footballer's relationship ends in tatters, and right after Valentine's Day too. Michael Chopra still had it worse.

So Frank. Today, wake up, get down to training, and figure out how to be more influential in games. Your last excuse just walked out the door.


The NY Kid said...

Spartak midfielder Frank Lampard might well be looking at a summer of coupon-cutting

So he'll be hanging out with the Rooneys?

Andrew said...

Senorita Rives must've just watched Eddie Murphy "Raw": "Hmm . . . Half! I'll take half his shit."

Mike Georger said...

Prenuptial agreements don't carry any weight in England apparently; which I learned when Sir Paul got fleeced by that one legged cunt.