Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Mao, part dos

Get ready. Clericus Cup the Third is here [Clerical Whispers]
Interview with the Masal Bugduv hoaxer [Sport is a TV Show]
England's answer to Madin Mohammed [Dirty Tackle]
Jens Lehmann takes on Khaild Boulahrouz. The winners--all of us [101 Great Goals]

Fake shirts on eBay, who would have thought it? [BBC]
Mark Clattenburg's lifelong ban reduced to eight months [Daily Mail]
MLS All-Star opponent? May be Inter Milan (but probably not) [NYT Goal Blog]
Craig Bellamy is ready to go golfing [The Spoiler]

UEFA tells Liverpool "we'll think about it" when Liverpool requests not to play on the anniversary of Hillborough [The Offside]


Andrew said...

I can't help but think Lehmann would be the worst father to have EVAR if you were a 16 yr old girl. Wouldn't he just go mental if a guy brought his daughter home 3 minutes past curfew?


jjf3 said...

IF I missed it, I apologize (and, NO, I'm not "MR PC"), but MS Powell just did a seemingly better job as manager than MR Mehmet, at least on a cursory level, and you haven't even mentioned it? And the change of formation paid off for the first time in 5 games? I'm all for this at this level of the game...