Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Backpasses: Watch out

Was this on purpose? Some out there think it was.

Eduardo calls his return and brace the best day of his life. Sarah cries [Arsenal]
Samir Nasri is quite good at playing with himself (on PES) [Independent]
Hull City are good guys to the bloggers [The Offside]

Fluminense keeper gives up penalty, then earns one, all in the last 10 minutes [101 Great Goals]
You have to wonder if this ref's name is D-Bo, cuz he got knocked the **** out [The Spoiler]
Scary goings on in Italy. Genoa supporters, unhappy at giving up a three goal lead to Fiorentina (and Adrian Mutu) pelt the away team with coins. Then, when attacking the leaving bus, one Genoa supporter gets run over (scroll down for videos) [Dirty Tackle]


Spectator said...

Who hasn't wanted to kick Robbie Savage in the balls?

Mike Georger said...

I'm Getting Pretty Good at Masturbating

Andrew said...

The Bendtner miss is not quite epic, but it's close. I will say he wasn't balanced properly but for chrissakes, you're 5 feet in front of an open net. Put the biscuit in the basket.