Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look what you've done, David!

Finally, we get the nitty-gritty fan reaction from those hardcore Galaxy fans. Best not call it a protest though, naughty Sun newspaper... I only count two people with t-shirts and they don't look like they coordinated beforehand.

Even so, I wasn't aware that there were many hardcore Galaxy fans; perhaps I miscounted.

I thought they were all in Aspen until April.

So he's lost that ember of a Galaxy fanbase... does it really matter?

The bigger issue here is the depressing emptiness of the stadium (see below). Granted, it's the attendance for a meaningless, artificially-designed Mickey Mouse tournament that barely anyone even knows about (hooray for marketing!), but even so, can we really expect the place to be packed to the rafters consistently during the regular season without the coiffured moron?

It's doubtful.

You see, and allow me to make some rather blanket judgments here, Los Angeles is the epicenter of celebrity in the US, and the bulk of the population serve to idolize and chase these celebrities wherever they go. Beckham obviously transcends the beautiful game, along with his ugly robot wife, as irritating, ubiquitous global brands, and thus, they become a simple, natural draw for the Galaxy.

To serve the point, I'll ignore the fact that a. the team were utter shit during his time there, and b. the stadium still wasn't overflowing on those balmy summer evenings when he did decide to turn up and prance around on the right wing.

Remove him from the equation, and you're left with what MLS is littered with: mediocre franchises with minimal regional pull and a void of star power.

Sad, really, innit?

Thankfully, the brave supporters pictured do manage to get their point across, that they too are sick of their blond savior-who-didn't-really-save-them. He'll have to open a hundred more nominal soccer camps for children to atone this goodwill.

I'm certain that the pile of money and designed clothes foisted upon him by the Milan crowd (not to mention - gasp - competitive soccer!) will cushion the blow of these handmade t-shirts.


Andrew said...

Soccer will never make it in America.

/ Sully'd

Precious Roy said...

What are you saying, Andrew? There were literally dozens of people there last night.

Andrew said...

@PR: Merely saying some fucktard journo will pick up on this and use it as fodder for the "sackah isn't 'Merican" meme that doesn't seem to die.

The Fan's Attic said...

so the protester doesn't want beckham to wear number 23? i don't get it.

The Fan's Attic said...

a true soccer fan would have lit a beckham jersey on fire with a flare.