Friday, February 20, 2009

The Manageress: An Update.

Donna Powell in charge of Fisher Athletic.

Earlier in the week I scribbled about Donna Powell and her temporary gig as manger(ess) of non-league Fisher Athletic of the Blue Square South division. Alas the fairy tale ending we all hoped for was not to be and her reign was short lived with a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Eastleigh on Wednesday evening. However, Donna may have a future in football after all.

Ms. Powell, age 27, was not expecting miracles. She took charge of a team who had lost their last ten games. Eastleigh however, are third in the table. A 2-1 defeat at the hands of a worthy opponent showed some stones on the lass. According to Fisher's chairman, the second half performance was the best he'd seen this season:

I was delighted by the players' response in the second half. I feared for us at half-time and thought it was only a matter of time before Eastleigh ran away with it but the team's response was fantastic and they put in one of our best performances of the season after half-time.

Powell enjoyed her stint as the gaffer so much that she wants in on a full-time basis. She is currently taking her coaching badges and says she is desperate to succeed in football:

I enjoyed it very much and the boys played really well - they battled hard and obviously Eastleigh are third in the league. I just congratulate them for getting a goal back and not losing big scores. They lost 2-1, but well done to them.

Not everyone is keen for Donna to be part of Fisher Athletic in the future. Ms. Powell told the BBC after the game...

It was a bit tougher than what I expected but it was good. It was tougher from the fans more than anything else. They were shouting "stay in the kitchen," but I've never been in a kitchen and I'll never go into a kitchen.

I have a feeling we will be hearing more from Donna Powell in the future. Good luck girl!



The Fan's Attic said...

she should have brought out one of those little kiddie kitchen sets. that would have been hilarious.

Keith said...

She made a solid tactical decision at the interval, too. Looked like she was not at all convinced that 3-5-2 was the way to go (and, unless you have pacy wingers who can track back well, or a combination of a full back playing on one side and a trad. winger on the other, it's usually not- and if you're a BSPL team, you don't, or you won't for very long), and changed it up once that was proven beyond all doubt.