Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Throw: Eduardo out for two weeks

After the wonderful display on Monday, everything is brought crashing back to earth with the news that Edu's picked up hamstring knack and needs a fortnight to recover.

Said Wenger: "He picked up a hamstring injury two minutes before I took him off. What a nightmare."

Sorry Gooners. At least it's a small injury, right?

[BBC News]


Precious Roy said...

Fuck. Me.

Alright, I'm sacrificing a virgin to the Injury gods tonight, assuming I can find one in Chicago.

phil said...

Should we consider that a suicide note, PR?

/too easy

Adam said...

Lets hope its not like Rosicky's hamstring injury. It seems like every time somethings looking up for this team this season the next moment something bad happens.

Andrew said...


Let's do a run down of Arsenal injuries this season (and those that carried over from last season):

And we're still sitting in fifth . . . for now.

Andrew said...

Arseblog is spurring the rumor that Mohammed Sakho, 18-yr French defender for PSG is interested in Emirates. Cue Wenger jokes in 3...2...1...

phil said...

Oh, look, Spurs surrender a goal off a set piece. That never happens. Except for every f-n week.

And 18 yo is much too old for Wenger. He likes to be tutor and coach.

phil said...

Spurs defenders can't be bothered to move, and UEFA hopes are dead.

Dear Mr. Levy,

Improve the back four, or we will always be pants.


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Mike Georger said...

Who was it on here that was gloating about how Gerrard's injury would be a long term one and he would be like Rosicky? Pretty sure it was an Arsenal fan, so you can all blame him.

Andrew said...

@Georger: 'Twas Eladio. I did the research. Karma police have been called.

Eladio said...

Eduardo certainly seemed to be the tonic the Gunners needed, but are you telling me Georger that losing Eduardo for 2 weeks (after he was out all year) is anywhere close to Pool losing Gerrard? For even one game?