Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: Pot meet kettle

Fox News "humor" program equates soccer with Terrorism [The Beautiful Game]
Someone was asleep at the switch at the PFA website [Off The Post]
Ryan Babel's new rap translated for all of us English-only guys [The Run of Play]

An interesting interpretation of the Beckham's Armani ad [Daily Mail]
Who from Liverpool could make Man U's starting XI? [Daily Mail]
Giuseppe "The Traitor" Rossi interviewed [ESPN]

UF favorite Antonio Cassano may be on the move to Juve. Not sure if this is before or after he gets really, really fat [Soccernet]


Andrew said...

I don't get the first link.

Just saw 'The Wrestler.' I couldn't help but see a bloated Frank Lampard play the same role in a few years.

Adam said...

I don't get the first one either. Are you trying to tell us you guys are staunch conservative bloggers and this is all a ploy to get us to like you and then you're gonna start telling us to vote for Sarah Palin suddenly?

ü75 said...

Once you see Michael Ian Black, you know it's going off the rails. I don't get it either, but I don't watch FNC. It seems like an attempt to counter whatever it is that Bill Maher does.

Funny you should mention that other thing, Adam, as I came across this earlier tonight. I guess you're more right than you know.

Adam said...

Thats what the first one links to actually

Precious Roy said...

Fixed the first link.

The link in ü75's post I'm guessing is a mystery (to us... they're just pulling our content), but funny because doesn't the right hate soccer because it's "gay" or whatever?

The NY Kid said...

That "net-right" link is frightening, but at least they acknowledged me (yay?), using the "Michigan" tag.

PR, the southerners, and the West Coasters all get the shaft.

ü75 said...

Did I blow it? oops.