Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: That's a lot of shirts

One hell of a great video from 1977. The intro to a Tampa Bay Rowdies-NY Cosmos match [The Best Eleven]
Umbro opens up their shirt archives. Bigus would like the last one, but not its caption Been fixed [EPL Talk]
More footballers charged in Stevie G's bar fight [BBC]

Want to know why AZ Alkmaar haven't lost since September? Well, playing in the Eredivisie might be part of it, or maybe it's Total Football 2.0 [Guardian]
Gazza's stepdaughter takes after her newer pops. Make sure you see all of the pictures [Daily Mail]
High school soccer game called at halftime because referees felt threatened by fans and summarily walked off [El Paso Times]
Robbie Williams can't spend money on Port Vale. Hell, he can't even afford a decent hat [BBC]

Chivas USA had cheer/dance team tryouts. There's video. Four minutes worth [The Offside Rules]


jjf3 said...

OK, here's where I go on my Quixotic quest to predict when ManU finally give up a goal (it has to happen eventually, right? RIGHT???) So, between the originally scheduled game (I tracked down the guess), and the replay Saturday, I successfully went 0-2. I haven't found my guess for the original version of this game coming up, so here goes:

ManUre 2-1 Fulham (goal to Dempsey or Konchesky on a random 1-timer, but even their D can't keep 2 off the board at OT)

phil said...

That last pic of Gazza's daughter is all kinds of awesome. Sad, but still awesome.

Ibracadabra said...

Doubt anyone is letting Robbie Williams invest more in port vale.

My buddies used to play with him at "LA Vale" - his club team here in Los Angeles - and he went mental and disbanded the team - not exactly the most stable character you want leading an investment team or leading a club to financial stability - though I heard he throws some sick ragers.

Man U 1 - Fulham 0 (J.S Park '58)

Precious Roy said...

Those Villa shirts are awesome looking (except for the collar).

Fulham 3 - 1 United.

What? No dumber than my 5-2 US v. Mexico prediction.

The Fan's Attic said...

2-1 Fulham. Dempsey, Murphy, Carrick.

Andrew said...

The shirt archive is genius.

If anyone ever wondered what happened to Finkelstein following Ace Ventura, he/she went back in time to executive produce NASL games.

Keith said...

WANT those Villa shirts (except for the "modern" one.

Sarah said...

Some of those girls at the tryouts don't really have the figures to be wearing those outfits. Just saying.

ü75 said...

How come Sarah is the only one to comment on the bikini video? The rest of you are all gaga over some shirts. Have I misread all of the internet?

Yes, those old Villa shirts are very nice. I do also like the Norwich one with some trophy in the badge. That's high comedy there.