Friday, February 20, 2009

The National Front Disco

Really and truly, only in Liverpool. Everton's match against Stoke at Goodison Park on March 14th has been rescheduled by one day. Why? Because the British National Party has planned a march that day and the Merseyside police can't be in two places at once.

For all of our American readers, let's just say that the British National Party is right-wing. Very right-wing. As in, expel all the immigrants right-wing.

As the head of the Northwest Trade Union aptly put it: "It is disgraceful that Everton fans find themselves forced to watch their team on a Sunday in order for the BNP to march in our city on the Saturday. Over 35,000 football fans are being put out for the sake of a few hundred BNP members."

One can only wonder what the BNP would have to say about inconveniencing a team that includes so many non-Englishmen. Probably something along the lines of "England for the English," etc.


sven said...

"We're not English, we're Scouse."

phil said...

Tom Tancredo would like to know more about this BNP.

Andrew said...

Dammit Phil, I wanted the Tancredo joke!