Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jimmy Bullard In Colorado to Ski Have Knee Surgery

It seems the tweak of Jimmy Bullard's knee is a little more serious than just a tweak. According to the Hull City official website, he's got a small tear in his cartilage.

We're a little confused by this episode—titled "The One Where Fulham Fucks Hull"—because here at UF we like Fulham (Deuce), Hull (for being smart about dealing with the media—and WSD listeners will know more about that), and Bullard.

If Fulham knew about the injury, then it makes sense they'd unload him during the transfer window. Bad on them if they shipped damaged goods (and bad on Hull for not doing due diligence).

But didn't the breakdown in new contract negotiations occur well before he was shipped out from Craven Cottage (meaning that the lack of contract from Fulham couldn't be injury related)? He made an appearance for Hull. Was he already injured when he played? Or is it just bad luck for Hull and their record £5M signing?

Bullard has already somewhat famously come back from one horrific injury which put him out the better part of a year and a half. We'll just hope this is something he can recover from quickly. If not, we're not sure who we're going to have to stop liking.

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30f said...

As a bit of a Fulham fan, this makes me feel better about selling off Rocky Dennis. Too bad (but not surprising) Bullard is hurt again, but it definitely makes the non-offer of a new contract at Craven seem like another smooth move from Hodgson and Co.

Fulham is still often mired in un-attacking attack and missing the 'outside the box' offensive approach that Jimmy B brought to the field. At least they got $5mil, rather than keeping him (or even, gulp, re-signing him) and paying for his services while missing out on his play, Like Hull is currently doing.