Tuesday, January 27, 2009

South American Soccer is Crazy, Pt. 2,109,111

Yep, it's their real logo. Honest.

It's Argentina's turn, thanks to some feisty barras bravas who'd had enough of the recent turmoil and leadership shake-ups at Newell's Old Boys, one of the country's most popular clubs.

It appears that their own fans had endured enough, and decided to vent in the best way possible: an old-fashioned riot!

From Reuters via The Guardian:
The gang, numbering around 30 and armed with guns and baseball bats, were believed to belong to a faction of the Rosario-based club's own supporters, officials added. Twenty-one people were arrested.

Newell's treasurer Jorge Ricobelli told local media that the gang burst into administrative officers at the club's Parque Independencia stadium where new members were enrolling.

They then moved on to the barbecue area and a covered gymnasium, forcing members to leave, vandalising property and firing shots at a tree and a water tank, reports said.
Man, imagine if this happened across the EPL. There are plenty of clubs that could benefit from some vandalism and trespassing. Here's looking at you, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, Portsmouth, and West Ham.

The old tactics of marching before kick-off, or staying in the stands after full-time to chant and wave banners just aren't cutting it anymore. No, if fans want their voice heard, you need to invade the barbecue area and fire shots at trees.

A valuable lesson from the die-hard fans of Newell's Old Boys.

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