Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick Throw: Portsmouth sign Pele!

I'm ashamed to use that cheap trick, but it's true: Tony Adams has signed Pele to help stem the tide of hasty Fratton Park departures. Sadly, it's just some Portuguese guy and not the Brazilian put through a reverse-aging machine, but it's something, right?

They also nicked Hayden Mullins from West Ham, showing that the Hammers really are selling anyone to anyone who comes a-knocking.

[Guardian Sport]


Spectator said...

And Joey Barton looks like he might join the S.S. Pompey as well! S.S. = "Sinking Ship"

JT said...

They're like Ellis Island, then. Bring them your weak, your tired, your poor... and they'll sign 'em for 6 million pounds and 35k a week

Keith said...

Pompey to debut Pele and Mullins. Villa to debut Heskey. Quien es mas macho?