Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Will He Stay or Will He Go

As we noted below, the least suprising piece of news in the history of mankind broke this morning. AC Milan have put in a bid to make the loan deal for David Beckham permanent. They've even put a price on his head—the cost of his salary this upcoming season.

Guess they are thinking they have all the hand.

In our increasing efforts to go All-Becks All-the-Time we polled ourselves (and 10% of us enjoyed it) on whether Becks would stay in MLS or go to Europe. Although technically, he's already in Europe, so that's where he would be staying. Confused?

Don't be, just remember if he goes there will be trouble, but if he stays it will be double.

We were alarmingly consistent in our assessment of the situation. Even the two people who think he is staying are having it both ways and also think he is going.

Following along for the reasoning—if you can call it that—after the jump.

Lingering Bursitis: Go

It puts him closer to Fabio, and closer to short-term success, which at his age is a necessity. He's no time to start building franchises. Wins now, trophies now, out on a high note.

Price: $5.75 million.

Bigus: Go
He has to leave now if he wants to go to the World Cup. Capello has stated he must be at a top club and fit. Capello's number two said yesterday that being at Milan is doing him a big favor with regards to an England place. Beckham has stated he wants to go to the WC and its a priority for him. Afterwards he may as well be retired as he will have reached all of his goals.

He ain't coming back, to do so will put the nail in his South Africa dream. He may, however leave the door open for a return to the mls after the WC. If he'd thought and England come back was possible when McClaren dumped him, he would never have joined the MLS. He wont be back until Aug 2010.

Price: £2 million (and a promise to return to LA for a 3 year deal after the WC).

Sven: Go

For the glory-hunting fashionistas that are the Beckhams, Milan is a straight-up(ish) swap for LA. As for the quality of football, well, puh-lease.... In the chase to catch Bobby Moore (Becks doesn't have 18 caps left in him to overtake Peter Shilton) for 2nd in all-time caps and make the 2010 WC (to be held in a country other than South Africa), Becks chances increase exponentially by playing in a real league.
And who knows, maybe Maldini will give him the keys to the Fountain of Youth, giving him a crack at Shilton after all.

Price: None given

Spectator: Stay (sort of)

Becks tries to have it both ways: extends his loan with Milan through the end of the Serie A season, goes back to the Galaxy in May where he plays a knackered, dreadful half season before returning to Milan permanently in November and can rightfully claim he gave it a try in the U.S. but MLS is simply utter crap.

Price: None given

The Fan's Attic: Go
I think first and foremost in Beckham's mind is soccer and soccer at a high level.  Becks wants to continue on the national team, it's a driving goal for him as evidenced by his statements and actions in going to Milan to get first team action to help with his place on the national team.  Becks wants one more shot at World Cup glory and he can only get this by playing in Milan at the top level.
You only have so much time in your career to play at the top and right now Beckham has a chance to return to the top after playing subpar soccer in the USA.  He has life left in his legs (although it is definitely waning) and his right boot has lots of life.  There is no reason for him to return to LA, except money.
Problem is, he has already made a ton of money and it appears this cash cow may not be producing as much milk as before.  Jersey sales are down, I believe; the little games in Asia and Australia aren't selling as many tickets.  If he goes to Milan I'm sure he gets a cut of his new jersey sales which will undoubtedly increase.  He can make money in Italy.
Moreover, I think the Beckhams dream of USA stardom has been dealt the death blow.  In two years, they really haven't made a dent.  Yes, they are well known, but they just haven't done anything to increase their visibility and nothing they will do will change that now.  There is no upside to it.  And, Beckham can still try to come back and make a lasting impression on US Soccer after he finishes his career through ownership of a franchise or cooperation with MLS.
Plus, this courtship has gone on too long between Milan and Beckham.  I believe the two have gone on too long and will suffer a terminal case of blue balls if the deal doesn't go through.  Plus, Milan has to make up for the lost 100 million pounds from the Kaka deal someway.  This deal has to happen.  You can't just stop pissing midstream.

Price: £9.5 million pounds.

Autoglass: Stay (Sort of)
Beckham is leaving, just not now. He can play out most of the Spring for Milan this year, and then join them on a loan in the fall (toward a permanent next January, remember that he will not be cup tied), while still having plenty of time to get in one more season in LA. By doing this, he will be playing competitive football straight through AND can have a good year in MLS and not risk being viewed as a failure in the US. 
England? He'll play a good run now in Milan and then join in the Fall.  He's given Fabio what he needs.  And playing in LA in the summer, rather than simply training with England, just can't hurt him with Fabio.  Beckham can work all this through with him.  Also, who's to say that he can't get a better opportunity than with Milan?  With time and the Galaxy's help, he would be in a better negotiating position with clubs in Europe.  Now, it's Milan.  And playing time and money on Milan are not necessarily going to be best for him next year.  The situation is volatile. 
Then there is the money.  Leaving now reduces his leverage on his assorted marketing streams and on his very important image.  Staying another season let's him work through an orderly transition.  And the transfer fee to the Galaxy, I think, will be bigger if he pursues what I think he will pursue.
Now, none of us know what he's thinking.  It's all speculation.  But I predict he'll stay for one more season (or most of a season) with the Galaxy before returning to Italy or England.  I think that everyone, Beckham, England, the Galaxy, his future club will come out further ahead in this scenario.

Price: None given

ü75: Go

No looking back. If only we had all watched that Posh reality show, things would be different.

Price: £5 mill. 

NY Kid: Go

Becks is leaving because he has to know that performing at Milan is his ticket to getting to WC 2010. With the LA Galaxy at the bottom of the table, and the decided lack of excitement surrounding he and Posh as "Hollywood royalty" he has no reason to stay.
Price: $6.25 million.

Ian: Go

MLS and Milan will work out some sort of loan scenario without officially announcing a transfer until the Galaxy season is underway (that way they can still use Becks to sell season tickets and such). I think if the team were better in Carson then he would be tempted to stay, but Beck's realizes that the reality of the cap means he will never have good enough teammates with what he makes. I could definitely see him back in MLS as an owner/technical director type in a few years.

Price: $8 million

Precious Roy: Go

Anything to keep Flamini on the bench. That French turncoat is dead to me. As for Becks, he can't defend, he can't tackle, he can't run at people. Why people care so much about him still is beyond me.

Price: $8M.


ü75 said...

Lord knows why I gave the price in pounds given the use of Euros and Dollars of these two clubs. I'm not changing, though.

30f said...

I hope Bulgeham stays in Milan. The Galaxy is my local MLS squad, and seeing the weak-sauce effort he put in at the Home Depot Center makes me angry. Moreso, now that I see he wasn't 'done' but rather apathetic here in LA.

I will be glad Beckham stays gone (assuming that happens), and not because he is a traitor for leaving 'my' team - but because he is a traitor for putting in 37% effort for 'my' team.

Becks came to the US for the money and he was paid in genuine money, but MLS fans did not get the 'real' Beckham other than in Armani panty ads on the side of buildings.

He is obviously slower than he used to be, but the guy that took Flamnini's spot in Milan is about twice as quick and aggressive as he is in Carson. I understand that better team-mates make a player look classier and realizing Buddle is on the other end of your cross can't be encouraging - but look at how often he runs at people in Italy.

If Beckham had been giving it his all in LA and we saw everything he had, I would consider his MLS adventure a gamble that was worth taking. But seeing how he suddenly finds a couple more gears once he cares about the competition - I'm sure he'll excuse me for not caring all that much about him and his jerrymandered quest for a thousand England caps.

Let's hope the Scientology goons really let them leave.

jjf3 said...

He HAS to go (for Engerland caps), and the MLS and Arena will be dipshit stupid if they don't take the money and run. Yes, his situation with Real and with England changed mightily after he signed with LA, but MLS and LA need to both a) accept that fact, b) get the spinwriters hard at work taking advantage of that, and c) try to build an actual MLS-quality team in LA.
In order:
a) he wants to go. You thought he gave 37% before? Wait to see him after going from Milan's lockerroom to the poor shmucks in LA...
b) he spent two years in MLS, most of it injured, and he had no problem stepping back into a world famous squad like Milan IN A STARTING ROLE. Spin that, you silly PR fuckers. (Yes, real footy fans know better, but Beckham was never about them anyways.) Focus on us re-habilitating a talent that MLS got for free, and spinning him off to Italy for millions of dollars! How bad can our league be then, you Euro-snobs? Shit, I'm doing the spinning for them, and there's a reason I ain't in PR...
c) the Galaxy with Beckham is like a Yugo with special Recaro heated and cooled seats. IE, still a fricking Yugo. Get to work building an actual fucking football team you tossers, not 2 "stars" and a bunch of traffic cones...

Ibracadabra said...

I know this is way off topic - but Robinho has just been arrested for sex assault.

Precious Roy said...

Yeah, we just saw that about Robinho... Citeh is the gift that keeps on giving this year.