Sunday, January 25, 2009

FA Cup Fifth Round Draw

Few cliches get bandied about more often than the MAGIC of the FA Cup. Well, today saw the last of the lower league minnows knocked out and it's strictly Championship League and up from here on out. At least Swansea eliminated the holders Pompey for the big upset.

There's still plenty of Fourth Round action to settle, with yet another Merseyside derby and then Aston Villa, Arsenal (grumble) and Blackburn v. Sunderland. West Brom are barely a premiership side, but they have a replay as well. But all this unsettled action has never stopped the FA from moving on with the draw, which just took place... After the jump check out what we can look forward to in mid-February.

Straight from Soho Square, here's the draw...

Sheffield Utd v. Hull City
Watford v. Chelsea
West Ham v. Middlesborough
Sunderland or Blackburn v. Coventry
Derby or Nottingham v. Manchester United
Swansea v. Fulham
Liverpool or Everton v. Doncaster or Aston Villa
Cardiff or Arsenal v. West Brom or Burnley

Lots of Premiership v. Championship draws, with Liverpool/Everton v. likely Aston Villa, West Ham v. Borough and then potentially Arsenal v. WBA the only Prem-Prem action.

(And yeah the Gunners will be hoping for a rematch against Burnley.)


Precious Roy said...

Woo! Possible Arsenal v. Burnley rematch.

Andrew said...

I'll take Burnley, but WBA would be suitable as well.

Mike Georger said...

What is all this bullshit? Where is the Beckham post? Are you telling me it's good enough to be on the front page of but isn't good enough for you? I don't think you understand he is the greatest player of his generation.

Precious Roy said...

We just assumed that his first Serie A goal had already made everybody at one with his "Beckhamness" so posting here would just be redundant.

phil said...

Beckham? David Beckham? Never heard of him.

BTW, my verification "word" for this was "supube"