Thursday, January 29, 2009

The invisible hand of football

This may be a little old, but we're a little slow out of the gates today, and the video just showed up online yesterday.

Last week, Kilmarnock hosted lower-league derby rival Ayr United in a SFA Cup replay match. You may remember that the first attempt ended in a 2-2 draw when, in extra time, Ayr's Alex Williams knotted the score. He then ran around hugging everyone, including the ref. Good times.

This time, the result went to Kilmarnock 3-1. The Ayr goal, though, was something special. Bryan Prunty runs on to a long ball, gets caught between a defender and the keeper, misses his attempt to head the ball, then slaps the ball into the net. The best part is that no one saw it. The referee and his assistant definitely missed it, but then, apparently, so did Killie. Unlike England in '86, no Kilmarnock player or coach even questioned the goal.

Be honest. You didn't see it until you got the replay, did you? I certainly did not. Now, Killie fans will tell you they saw it in the stands. Don't trust them. They're drunks.

Thanks to 101 Great Goals for doing the legwork to find the video.

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Andrew said...

Now THAT is a Hand of God.

Pretty girls with Scottish accents make me smile.