Friday, January 30, 2009

So the Club World Cup Does Matter Afterall

You might remember that Manchester United's Nemanja Vidic was given a straight red card for swinging at a Quito player at the Club World Cup final back in December. The problem for Man U is that the Club World Cup is a FIFA event, as is the UEFA Champion's League, and the rules say that any suspension at the Club World Cup would carry over to other FIFA competitions.

I was convinced that FIFA would find a way around suspending Vidic from the Champion's League. It's already difficult to convince European clubs to be all that enthused about schlepping to Japan (or Abu Dhabi) mid-season for a relatively pointless competition. Ah, but FIFA are nothing but sticklers for the rules: Vidic has been suspended one game, meaning he'll miss the first leg of Man U's Round of 16 against Inter.

That serves United right for winning the Champion's League last year.

photo: Sky Sports

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Ibracadabra said...

Jonny Evans is a stud, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is licking his lips...

In other EPL breaking news, it looks like Defoe has broken a bone - letting down thousands and thousands of fantasy owners with a seemingly easy trip to Bolton on the cars.