Friday, January 30, 2009

YFF Prognostication: El Whino and Fraudnaldo, You Don't Say?

There are a few UF fantasy footie leagues this season. The most populated league is the Yahoo Fantasy Football league with demand so great a second league had to be created. The UF contingent appears split on the best league, either the YFF game or the Official Premier League game. My favorite is YFF because of the many ways to score points. One of my foes in a private league has offered up his YFF opinions and insight to UF. Gman, as he's known, is a worthy fantasy foe and in my experience has top notch insight to the games.

Here's Gman's latest.

Well. The mid-season has passed us, so let’s recap gman’s mid-season ruminations:

Under Winners and Losers, not much to report. Lots o’ bitching and whining about leaving Chris Stephen Ireland out. Fair nuff. But listen up haters. What has he done since my post? Bollocks. But to equal it out. I praised Ashley Young. He was ‘aving a bit of a laugh when he got a red card on my team.

Under Upside/Downside, it was a mixed report card. Upside didn’t work out so well for me, so far. Tottenham Defense? Not much to brag on. Dan Gosling? Yes one week, but after that, a total non-factor. James Milner has been a slag, especially considering Young is gone. But on the downside, we’re well on track. Portsmouth? Hayden Mullins isn’t going to keep you up. Ronaldo. 21 points and 23 points is great for a player like Reo-Coker. But for Ronaldo, it’s just treading water. Fabregas was a bit of a no-brainer, so I can’t take credit.

Onto this week. Let’s reprise Upside/Downside to give you sense of who to play, in the short term (and possibly longer than that).


Tottenham – Last time I wrote, I singled out their defense. Let’s bring the whole squad into the equation. Throw out Bentley and the rest of the lot are responding to ‘Arry. Not sure if this is all Defoe, but they’ve scored 8 goals in the 4 games since he’s arrived. This is a live squad.

Dimitar Berbatov – With Fraudnaldo apparently content to just cash a paycheck this year and Rooney showing his usual fragility, Berbs has quietly put his stamp on this team. It’s about the value, Stupid. And right now, he’s bringing it.

Jermaine Pennant – He keeps busy winning corners and successfully crossing. So busy, I’d almost call him a spazz. Don’t get me wrong. He’s not going to keep Portsmouth from the drop. But in the YFF game, who cares?

Kenwyne Jones – CONCACAF up in this mothafucka! T&T Jones ain’t a fantasy stud. But if you have him at 7.09 like The Fan’s Attic and I do, then you’re just going to stash him away in your lineup for the rest of the season and watch him outearn his price.


Ronaldo – Ding Dong, the Portuguese Bitch is dead. ‘Hey, Gman. Motherscratchin’ Pork Chop just scored 2 goals.! What gives?!’ Well, I ain’t English so I have no bone to pick with Cristiano, but I calls ‘em like I sees ‘em. And with two goals against WBA, Ronaldo collected just 23 points. Meaning, that’s almost the bare minimum for two goals. Translation into English – his work rate is down. I don’t need Emile Heskey at 23 points. I can get him for much cheaper.

Torres – Ok. I will anger the masses on this site. The Chelsea game isn’t exactly a time to buy El Whino. Looking into my crystal ball, I see 3 fouls drawn and maybe a shot on target. Is that worth 12.69 and the bad dye job?

Man City Offense – Bellend, Robinhood, etc. A very bad value this week at Stoke who seem to get their drunk on at Britannia Stadium. Stoke has given up 27 goals away, 11 at home. They ain’t Vyv from The Young Ones, but Stoke might as well be.


The NY Kid said...

I'm assuming you mean Stephen Ireland?

Adam said...

No, he means Chris Ireland( famed chemistry teacher. duh

The Fan's Attic said...

Pennant intrigues me. He has Crouchaldinho in the middle so the crosses have a big target.

Will Pennant help the Scarecrow eat his nachos?