Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UF Quick Throw: Beckham Prefers Playing with Kaka to Playing with Shit (Like Eddie Lewis) - With an Update!

Apparently AC Milan are looking to make the Beckham deal permanent. I guess scoring his first goal on Sunday made Becks appear more attractive to Galliani, and MLS could be looking at a serious transfer fee.

UPDATED: $4.5 million for opening bid.

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Ibracadabra said...

5 Mil Pounds - MLS should go for it. I respect Beckham's effort and footballing history, but he was an utter failure on the pitch in LA.

He's 33, has the pace of a fire hydrant and his game isn't suited to pinging 40 yard long balls to 22 year olds 6 months out of fraternity parties at Cal State Fullerton.

With the talent around him at Milan, he can get the ball - release it an instant later - and rest easy knowing that the Seedorf, Kaka, Pato, or Ronaldinho on the receiving end won't let the ball bounce off his knee and out of touch.

He'll do just enough over the next 18 months to barely make the WC 2010 roster and probably come on in the 75th minute during a group stage game England is already leading 2-0 or 3-1.