Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things Might Get Even Worse for Citeh

Karma truly is a bitch. Manchester City has made a mockery of the transfer window by attempting to sign big name players, only to find themselves bidding against themselves and, in the end, having not a lot to show for it.

Now it is karma's turn. First there was the investigation of Robinho. Now things might get a whole lot worse. The Guardian Sport blog has taken notice of news surfacing in Italy that Man City used Kia Joorabchian (pictured) as part of their negotiating team on the Kaka transfer. As you may recall, Joorabchian was the man at the center of l'affair d'Tevez et Mascherano.

The problem is that Joorabchian is still not a licensed agent and, as the FA has made clear, that is a strict no-no. For instance, Luton was docked 10 points as part of their punishment over the summer, and the FA has sent out at least two strongly worded reminders to all clubs.

So far Citeh is being understandably coy about Joorabchian's involvement in the Kaka negotiations. However, given the strong stance that the FA has taken on using unlicensed agents, there appears to be some possibility of an investigation and eventual point deduction coming their way. If nothing else, it's simply more evidence that Man City are groping in the dark as they set about rebuilding their team. And that probably won't help Citeh convince more world-class players to sign.

photo: Daily Mail


Andrew said...

They're like the rich kid in the candy store: "I want everything, I want it now, and I don't care what I do to get it." Except in this analogy, the candy refuses to be eaten.

Does that make sense?

Spectator said...

The analogy I was thinking about was the nouveau riche family who moves into an old neighborhood, buys an old house, knocks it down and puts up a gigantic McMansion monstrosity. But your analogy works too.

Andrew said...

I'm glad it did. I'm on flu medicine so I'm not the quickest of cats in the fastest of times.

Keith said...

Please let this happen. Ten points would put have them a sure candidate for Colaship play next year. And they're not Juve, so "redemption" next year isn't certain.