Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Dirty Tackle better not stop the Friday rage list

Off The Post is down right nowOTP is back as of 1 AM EST. Here's hoping they come back online soon so you can see their links.

EPL Talk's next podcast guest is Vinnie Jones. They need questions. Perhaps he'll answer questions Guzan wouldn't [EPL Talk]
Fans of opposing team throw hundreds of pieces of trash at player taking corner in Greece. He picks up one piece and throws it into the screen near fans. Net result--red card [Off The Post]
USA to announce World Cup bid plans on Monday [SBI]

Is Robert Kraft looking to buy out Gillett at Liverpool. Taylor Twellman hopes so [EPL Talk]
What the hell was Kalou doing? [Guardian]
Gary Megson wants out, I think [Guardian]

Scottish League Cup semifinal between Celtic and Dundee United went to 12 rounds. Decided when guy rumored to be moving to Celtic missed his second attempt. Artur Boruc scored, though. Check out his sweet PK [Off The Post] Then check out what he has to say about it tomorrow [Dirty Tackle]

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