Tuesday, January 27, 2009

'Arry Redknapp, explained

At UF, some of us are getting a little sick of 'Arry. While his soundbites are a constant source of entertainment, his conduct when it comes to unsettling the dregs of the EPL for his fiendish White Hart Lane rebuilding job is becoming rather tedious. I swear he's penned love letters for just about every ex-Spurs player and sold them all to the Daily Mail.

Barely a day goes by without yet another public remark about a player he's in love with!

Thankfully, when he's not professing fondness for someone at another club, he's busy confusing the press with his circular speak, and a smart man named Jim Duggan at Topspurs decided to put 'Arry and his words into a handy wallchart.

We salute his work, and his keen sense of satire!

Chart after the jump.

Click to see it full-size


Mike Georger said...

If I were running Liverpool, which admittedly, I am not, I would file a complaint for him trying to unsettle Keane. Just to cause them some annoyance after they spent all summer bitching about Rafa and Fergie doing exactly what he is doing.

Precious Roy said...

Not as good as the Palin debate flow chart, but a +1 for the "Do Pigs Fly" box.

phil said...

I was unaware that Keane was such a valued asset over at Anfield, that his being "unsettled" by 'Arry's comments should be cause for such alarm.

Seems to me being left entirely off the squad on derby day would be far more unsettling to a player than any comment from an opposing manager could ever.

But I agree that 'Arry's "he's a wonderful player" bit is wearing a bit thin.

jjf3 said...

that flowchart is pretty brilliant...
That said, he was surprisingly effusive in his Modric praise tonight, apparently (at least says soccernet), and he can't even claim having brought him in...