Friday, January 30, 2009

Charlie N'Zog...Something Is Looking For Excuses

Proper pronunciation of Charles N'Zogbia is found in the hair.

Newcastle midfielder Charles N'Zogbia stated his desire to leave Newcastle in December and now the Frenchman is proclaiming he will never play for manager Joe Kinnear again. After the Magpies loss to Citeh this week, Kinnear attempted say Charles' name but could only sputter and stammer his name resorting to Charlie to identify him. Clearly this is a huge affront to Charlie and not a trumped up issue to force a transfer.

Now, I am a man with a hyphenated last name with both last names of Eastern European origin and to say people screw up my last names on occasion would be the understatement of my life. Hell, even I screw it up sometimes. That said, it can get annoying when somebody familiar with you cannot pronounce your name. They should have the common deceny to learn it and to respect you. However, it certainly isn't something to get particularly upset about if your name is difficult or foreign like N'Zogbia. But, to each his own.

N'Zogbia's ire is more than likely due to being on SS Newcastle (that's Sinking Ship). A team ravaged by injuries to Michael Owen, Joey Barton, Mark Viduka, Obafemi Martins and lack of funds. On top of that, the manager seems resigned to glum position of the club.

'The guy has lost £2billion from his businesses,' said Kinnear. 'I do not know what this club is worth but at the moment we have to get on with it as best we can.

'I tried to sell Geremi yesterday because I thought it would raise £4million but that deal fell through so I had to play him tonight.

'We have been negotiating with someone else on the continent. We thought that deal was done but suddenly the goal posts have moved.

'It is a very difficult situation at the moment. It is not a surprise that a lot of other
people did not have the bottle.

Sounds like fun up in the cold North.


The NY Kid said...

Charles N'Zog...N'Zog...N'a gonna play here anymore, anyway.

Kopper said...

I think "Charlie" wants to leave so he doesn't get his ass beat by Andy Carroll.