Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1,032 more reasons to hate Manchester United

We're all scornful and loathing of Man U at the moment, but Edwin van der Sar's record between the posts is worth some kudos, regardless of the fact that we wished it ended before it began.

It's been 11 games since the Dutchman let one in (and yes, it obviously requires the help of the 10 bastards playing in front of him), the last being Samir Nasri's strike at the beginning of November. Oh, the good old days. Man U were 4th, but a run of 9 wins in their last 11, including 6 straight wins on the trot, has them at the top where they can piss all over the rest of us.

If they hold Everton scoreless for the first 72 minutes on Saturday, Van der Sar will take the all-time English league record from the awesomely-named Steve Death, a record that's stood for almost 30 years.

So, Everton, I implore you: please don't let this happen. I'll put recent misery aside if it means that Fergie's team don't get their grubby claws into yet another league milestone. I don't think I could handle it.

After the jump, that goal, and the Sky FanZone video showing a very depressed United fan. Hope we see that pain again at Old Trafford some time soon.


Mike Georger said...

Kick his ass Steve Death!

You know, if I weren't contractually bound to hate Everton, they've been playing the kind of ball I really respect, I like them to put two past United. That's right.

Precious Roy said...

Fellaini is back. Everton fail scoring? That's unpossible.

Andrew said...

EVDS used to play for Fulham. United fans will deny this.