Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Corinthians Clearly Underestimated Ronaldo

Now more Brazilian footballer news involving nightclubs.

Remember that Ronaldo fella, not the prancing, diving uber-gelled winger, the one with multiple world cup trophies, multiple Player of the Year honors, multiple devastating knee injuries, multiple bad haircuts, leading World Cup goal scorer, tranny hooker scandal. No? The fat one? Yeah, now you remember.

The Original injured his knee last February with AC Milan and has been rehabbing his knee back in Brazil. He recently signed a contract with Corinthians. Now the Brazilian club is somewhat concerned with the Original's late-night habits. Seems the Original was photographed leaving a club at six a.m. the day of his physical with Corinthians.

It is always good to give the doctor an accurate representation of your lifestyle.

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