Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UF Quick Throw: Not So Fast, Gooners! (with an update)

It appears that there's still an obstacle or two for Arsenal to overcome in the Arshavin deal, notably Arshavin himself. He wants more money! He kinda needs it, I guess; in order to leave Zenit, he needs to buy himself out, so why not ask the new club for more moolah with which to do it?

All those dreams of yet another sexy footballer at Emirates hang in the balance. Maybe Arsene should use the wait to look for a midfielder that can tackle.

[Guardian Sport]

Oh, and then there's the comments from Arsene mentioning how there's no such deal in place with Zenit or Arshavin. Can someone give us the straight talk on this? Actually, don't bother. We're all sick of the story.

[Sky Sports]


Mike Georger said...

If Bolton get Veloso and Arsenal get nothing, Wenger walks this summer and takes sexy fabulous with him to Madrid.

Andrew said...

Bring me the Russian!

And then a holding mid.

And then a new center back.

Precious Roy said...

Why would Wenger go to Madrid? He's got almost lifetime security at Arsenal. At Madrid he probably wouldn't even get a parking space or a nameplate done in anything besides a Dry Erase marker.

Spectator said...

Fuck Zenit right in the tuchas!