Tuesday, February 26, 2008

There Were Ten in the Bed and the Little One Said "I'm only 15!"

To catch a predator, start with one of these guys.

Micah Richards has nothing on the lads at FC Thun of Switzerland, those wholesome looking young men pictured above. Whereas Micah only brought one of his mates to the public restroom and everyone else had to watch his sexual exploits via grainy mobile phone video, ten men, including seven members of FC Thun, churned the butter with a Swiss milk maid.

We'd simply file this one away as a run of the mill MMMMMMMMMMF orgy, except the "F" in that equation was 15 years old at the time (the age of consent in Switzerland is 16).

Seven current or former players with the Swiss first-division side still must answer in court in the case that caused an uproar in Switzerland when arrests were made last year. Three other individuals are accused of having had sexual relations with the then 15-year-old girl.
One other player has already admitted to French kissing the minor and paid a fine.

Now, as far as we can tell, there's no evidence that these 10 dudes were mounting her Mont Blanc at the same time, but that's still way too many skewers in the fondue pot for my taste. How bad is the player-to-groupie ratio in Switzerland? Did the girl not have any friends? Did the players ever consider going to the bar?

Though if it's any consolation, at least the boys of FC Thun did it with an actual girl, unlike our old friend Joseph Okoh, who got totally Hansen'd.

BTW, you might remember FC Thun when they were paired with Arsenal in their Champions League group in 2005-06. Because their regular stadium was too small, they played their "home" matches at their rival BSC Young Boys' stadium - Wankdorf Stadium. The jokes keep making themselves.

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