Monday, February 25, 2008

To the surprise of no-one

Today's unsurprising news update on the Edu situation [aside from the story that he's expecting to make a full recovery and return to football in just 9 months] revolves around the perpetrator of this revolting act: Bongo FC defender Martin Taylor.

It appears the Croats are pissed at him, and yep, you guessed it: the death threats have begun.

Eduardo da Silva, although Brazilian by birth, took up Croatian citizenship in 2002 after beginning his senior career there the previous year for Dinamo Zagreb. He played well for Dinamo, scoring 73 goals in 110 appearances for the club from 2001-2007, and his 10 goals in the 12 Euro 2008 qualifying were instrumental to their qualification.

And now, with this injury ruling him out of any football until 2009, the Croatian fans are furious.

This is where the delicious irony oozes out everywhere. These are the same Croatian fans who thrive on forming swastikas in the stands, displaying their proud "Aryan" supremacist bullshit for anyone who'll take a picture, and now, they're furious over the loss of their Brazilian naturalized superhero!

As Spectator said in our email thread, "Progress is sometimes measured in small, incremental steps!"

It's just a shame Edu can't take those steps with them just yet.

Photo Credit for the Swastika [Philadelphia Will Do]


Spectator said...

That's such a pathetic-looking swastika. I mean, there's no way they will strike fear into evil Zionists like myself if they can't even manage to get enough people to go two-deep throughout. And what's with the jeans, shorts and trainers? It's like they were just hanging out at a public park throwing a frisbee around and then one of them said, "Hey let's go show our fascist sympathies at the Croatia match later today!"

The Fan's Attic said...

today's Nazis are so lazy. they could never cut it in the Third Reich.